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“Thank You Governor Evers”
Miller Park Sales Tax Finally Ends!

(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter released the following statement about the
decision of Governor Tony Evers to sign the bill ending the Miller Park Tax:

“Thank you, Governor Evers! For more than a decade, I fought to end the Miller Park sales tax
on taxpayers in five southeastern Wisconsin counties. This tax was supposed to end by 2014 and
never did, until now.

“We finally have a Governor who is open to listening to the wishes of the people. I have heard
from constituents from the very beginning of the additional tax that started in 1996 who didn’t
like it. I heard from many more who wanted and waited for it to end.

“I am ecstatic to see the Miller Park sales tax is finally ending. Taxpayers are tired of politicians
creating new taxes with the promise they will sunset and they have become cynical that once a
tax is created it will never end. I firmly believe the integrity, credibility, and accountability of
politicians is damaged when these promises are broken. That is why I am so appreciative of
Governor Evers being open to listening and then acting.

“We finally had broad bipartisan support to end the Miller Park tax, but it was Governor Evers
who listened to the wishes of the people and signed the bill to end it. For years, that type of
responsiveness did not happen.

“Again, thank you Governor Evers!”