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November 8, 2019 

Republican Senators, Do Your Job!

(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter issued the following statement regarding the Special Session on Gun Violence:

“Governor Tony Evers called the State Legislature into a Special Session yesterday at 2pm. Two common-sense gun safety issues were the only items in the call for the special session. Senator Scott Fitzgerald, do your job!—allow these two gun safety bills to be brought up for public debate and allow roll call votes. This is what Wisconsinites pay us to do!

80% of Wisconsin voters support universal background checks for the purchase of firearms. That’s because the vast majority of Wisconsinites are responsible with their firearms, but they understand that a level of trust must be understood before a purchaser is allowed to take a gun home with them. I have heard from constituents with firsthand knowledge of how children drawn into gang activities are able to acquire guns because of the gun-show loophole. They told me that it is too easy for this to happen, and for kids to ruin their lives forever before they even have a chance to learn the wisdom not to make a rash decision.

80% of Wisconsin voters support “red flag” laws. Which allows the people closest to us to offer guidance to a judge, should our loved ones have reason to believe that we might be a danger to ourselves or others. Under due process, if a court finds the reasons of a person’s family to be credible, the court would remove firearms from that person temporarily. Other states that have passed these Extreme Risk Protection Orders, or “red flag” laws have seen a reduction in the rate of firearm suicides.

“The overwhelming support for these two gun safety ideas demands the Wisconsin Legislature convene, debate, and vote on passage of these bills. Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald’s assault on democracy by refusing to let constituents know where their state legislators stand on these important issues is arrogant and inexcusable.

“Senator Fitzgerald, convene Governor Evers’ Special Session in earnest to address this important public safety issue!”