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It’s Groundhog Day in the GOP Legislature

Majority Party Continues to Try and Deflect Blame


(MADISON) -  State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement today, Groundhog Day:


“Just like in Bill Murray’s famous movie, Groundhog Day, the Republican majority leaders have begun their phony message war against Governor Tony Evers. They continue to repeat their hypocritical chant – ‘It’s Tony Evers’ fault! It’s Tony Evers’ fault!’ The many broken promises by Foxconn? ‘It’s Tony Evers’ fault!’”


“Never mind that it was former Governor Walker who negotiated that miserable deal and Republicans had full control of all branches of government and approved it. They ruled with absolute power and it is the defeated former Governor and the Republicans who own the Foxconn fiasco.”


“The Foxconn deal was secretly negotiated by the guy who lost, Republicans refused any Democratic input to try and protect taxpayers, and they now want to say Governor Evers is to blame? Remember, it was former Governor Walker who declared that anyone who had questions or concerns about the Foxconn deal ‘should go suck lemons!’”


“Republicans doubled-down on their mistakes during the recent lame duck session when they stripped the newly-elected Governor Evers of his ability to appoint a new CEO at the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) until September of this year. They then made sure to add further Republican influence on the WEDC Board by approving additional appointees for the Assembly Speaker and Senate Majority Leader. I’m sure they will try and say that was also Tony Evers’ fault. It was an unprecedented power grab by Republicans meant to hamstring Governor Evers. “


The Republicans’ pursuit for absolute power has absolutely corrupted them. They only have themselves to blame for the sinkhole that is the Foxconn deal.”


“In the same spirit as Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day, be forewarned that Republicans will continue to blame Governor Evers and anyone else, over and over again, for their failed policies past and present.”


“All that wicked winter weather we recently suffered through and the polar vortex itself? Republicans will tell you that was all Tony Evers’ fault.”


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