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Honoring the Memory of Jeffrey Wischer, William DeGrave, and Jerome Starr


(MADISON)—Today, Senator Tim Carpenter made the following statement in honor of the three ironworkers whose lives were cut short in the Big Blue crane tragedy on July 14, 1999:


“This weekend will mark the 20th anniversary since Big Blue fell during the construction of Miller Park.


“It is important to remember this event. It helps us to understand the sacrifices that workers make, which often go unnoticed. Although everything around us requires engineering and construction, it is all too easy to forget about the workers who dedicate their lives to the creation of our communities and the monuments that give us such an enormous sense of pride in the place that we call home.


“As members of Iron Workers Local 8, Jeffrey Wischer, William DeGrave, and Jerome Starr were part of a team that has served the people of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan since 1901, helping to construct some of the greatest buildings in this area. The loss of their lives was an unexpected tragedy, and it must inspire our society to appreciate the hard work and sacrifice of the people around us.


“As you are out and about this weekend, I hope that you will take a moment to reflect on this tragedy and the loss of life that sadly took place during the construction of our iconic Miller Park. If you are at the stadium, please visit their memorial, located north of Miller Park by the main ticket office, and pay your respects to these men who deserved to go home to their families and live on to create more amazing structures for all of us.”