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Carpenter Welcomes Laura Gutiérrez as Executive Director of the United Community Center Laura’s background as a teacher, educational administrator, and civil servant show me that she will maintain and strengthen the UCC’s dedication to education and public services. She is a shining example of the Center’s slogan: Empowering the Community to Achieve its Dreams.
Wisconsin Republicans Forget the Reason for the Season Republicans wanted to hop on their moral high horses and demand we officially name it the Wisconsin State Christmas Tree, instead of acting in the Christian tradition of caring for our poor, hungry and homeless.
Wisconsin Can Lead the Way on Affordable Medications Wisconsin has been a leader on healthcare issues in the past... Governor Evers and the members of the task force can see that there are more innovations waiting to be realized. Once again, Wisconsin has the chance to move our nation Forward.
Thank You Governor Evers: Miller Park Sales Tax Finally Ends! We finally had broad bipartisan support to end the Miller Park tax, but it was Governor Evers who listened to the wishes of the people and signed the bill to end it. For years, that type of responsiveness did not happen.
Two Years after the Foxconn Contract Was Signed Despite a generous package of tax breaks, agreed upon by Scott Walker and Terry Gou with practically no oversight exercised by the majority in the State Legislature, Foxconn still seems to be struggling after two years.
Republican Senators, Do Your Job! Two common-sense gun safety issues were the only items in the call for the special session... The overwhelming support for these two gun safety ideas demands the Wisconsin Legislature convene, debate, and vote on passage of these bills.
Hate Has No Home Here! I condemn this attacker, and urge our community to break down notions of racial division, so that we can become stronger together. In the last few years, this type of verbal abuse and physical violence against Latinos and other groups has dramatically increased.
Senator Carpenter is Appointed to Governor Evers' Task Force on Reducing Prescription Drug Prices I would like to thank Governor Evers for bringing together this taskforce. Working together, I am confident that we will make progress on this issue, and bring prescription and health care prices back to reasonable levels
Where's Robin? “It’s hypocritical for Vos to deny Representative Anderson the small and reasonable accommodation to occasionally phone in to a committee meeting while the Speaker has absolutely no medical reason not to appear to testify on his own bill.”
Speaker Robin Vos' Moral Failure “I have witnessed many troubling injustices in the State Legislature during my time in Madison, but few have been as dumbfounding as Speaker Vos’ mistreatment of Representative Jimmy Anderson recently.
Honoring the Memory of Jeffrey Wischer, William DeGrave, and Jerome Starr This weekend will mark the 20th anniversary since Big Blue fell during the construction of Miller Park... It is important to remember this event. It helps us to understand the sacrifices that workers make, which often go unnoticed.
The Battle to Sunset the Miller Park Tax is Finally Over "For more than a decade, I have fought to end the Miller Park five-county sales tax. Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Washington, and Waukesha County taxpayers were promised this tax would sunset in 2014... In the future, I sincerely hope promises made to the taxpayers are promises kept."
Thank you Governor Evers Governor Tony Evers has issued Executive Order No. 29 declaring that a rainbow flag will be raised over the Wisconsin State Capitol building and other state buildings for the first time in history.
Lottery Windfall Money Should Be Dedicated for Local Road Aids State Senator Tim Carpenter said he is introducing legislation that will direct the state’s share of the recent $768.4 million lottery win by a Wisconsin resident to be dedicated directly for use in local road improvement projects.
Sorry, Your "Pants on Fire!" The Republican Assemblyman exclaims, 'I take the responsibility of keeping government open and accountable seriously.' While he's at it, he should launch an intensive investigation into former Governor Walker's secret Kimberly-Clark negotiations held during his election campaign.
It's Groundhog Day in the GOP Legislature Just like in Bill Murray’s famous movie, Groundhog Day, the Republican majority leaders have begun their phony message war against Governor Tony Evers. They continue to repeat their hypocritical chant – ‘It’s Tony Evers’ fault! It’s Tony Evers’ fault!
Carpenter Calls on GOP to Reverse WEDC Lame Duck Bill State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) today called on Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos to introduce legislation reversing changes made during the recent “lame duck” session to weaken Governor-Elect Tony Evers’ ability to appoint the head of WEDC