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Carpenter Calls for Senate Public Hearing on Foxconn Legislation

(MADISON) – State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) today issued the following statement regarding the necessity of a Senate public hearing regarding the proposed Foxconn deal:

“There is no getting around the need for a more thorough vetting of the proposed Foxconn deal. After attending last week’s public hearing of the Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy and yesterday’s Joint Finance Committee public hearing in Sturtevant, many more questions and concerns have been raised than answers given.”

“I believe it is essential that in the pursuit of good public policy, a standing committee of the State Senate should follow suit and hold a public hearing on this important legislation. It would seem most logical that Chairperson Feyen be allowed to schedule a public hearing of the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Commerce and Local Government to give this $3 billion taxpayer subsidy bill more public input and discussion.”

“This is likely a once in a lifetime opportunity. Over the past several months, too few people have had a chance to provide direct input on the development of this legislation and many people – legislators and the public included – have questions that need answering.”