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Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) denounced the proposed budget produced by the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) with a 5% cut, including cutting veterans assistive living programs. “The budget produced with a 5% cut is unacceptable,” said Carpenter.

A law passed this year by the Republican majority in the legislature requires each department to submit a budget with one showing a 5% cut.  Senator Carpenter introduced an amendment to exempt the DVA from this 5% cut requirement. The Republican majority in the Senate rejected the amendment on a party line vote.
“Treating our veterans like they are just another line on a budget ledger is pretty demeaning, and unbecoming of our state’s commitment to those who have served our country with honor,” said Carpenter.
Senator Carpenter noted that this proposed cut comes on the heels of the DVA’s attempt to reduce the Veterans County Service Officers, shifting money away from Veterans nursing homes and not addressing the projected Veterans Trust Fund from going broke.
“We need to be working harder to meet the needs of our veterans, not cutting the budget for caring for them, or hoping the federal government will pick up the slack. Our veterans have honorably served, and we are duty bound to seek to give them the care they have earned,” said Carpenter.