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Senator Carpenter’s statement on Governor Walker’s lack of leadership on the transportation budget crisis.

I want to thank Secretary Gottlieb for his hard work, honesty, and dedication in trying to solve Wisconsin’s billion dollar transportation budget deficit. I do not blame Secretary Gottlieb for "resigning" as Transportation Secretary, given Governor Walker’s refusal to accept the looming crisis and refusal to take proactive measurers to address the billion dollar budget mess at DOT. It is apparent that Governor Walker is playing politics as usual instead of doing the responsible thing and fixing the real issues at the Department of Transportation. Time and again the Governor has put his own political ambition over the needs of Wisconsinites and the sacking of Secretary Gottlieb is another prime example. Unable to face the hard truths that Secretary Gottlieb outlined, Governor Walker simply looks to manufacture his own truth. This move will do nothing to fix this crisis, it will do nothing to engender the trust of the taxpayer, and it will do nothing to ensure our local roads and infrastructure are maintained. It’s like Wimpy used to say, "I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today." Except for Wisconsin the bill has already come due and all Governor Walker can think to do is silence the messenger.