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Senator Carpenter Asks Governor Walker to Work to Protect SeniorCare

Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) Asked Governor Walker to use his influence on the national stage to help protect Wisconsin’s seniors: In a letter to Governor Walker, Senator Carpenter stated,

"I have read your letter to President-Elect Donald Trump and I believe that there are areas of concern that you may have overlooked; namely, the protection of our most vulnerable senior citizens. We have seen time and again attacks on SeniorCare, one of our most successful programs, and I believe that it is time to make this program permanent. I believe that it’s long overdue that you seek a federal waiver to make SeniorCare a permanent program in Wisconsin."

Senator Carpenter noted that SeniorCare serves around 60,000 seniors and saves tens of millions of dollars for Wisconsin’s seniors and taxpayers.

Senator Carpenter called for an end to the sense of unease and undue stress for those who rely on SeniorCare.

"While your letter focuses on punitive measures, I believe we can also do some good and use your connections to President-Elect Donald Trump to ask for a permanent waiver for our SeniorCare program. Doing this could help bring certainty to those living with chronic illness, on fixed incomes, and with limited resources. These seniors deserve to know that the Wisconsin prescription drug program, that they count on, will be there for them and not subject to unnecessary unease every two years."

A copy of the letter is attached.