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Sen. Carpenter’s statement on Governor Walker’s lack of leadership on the transportation want to thank Secretary Gottlieb for his hard work, honesty, and dedication.
Sen. Carpenter Asks Governor Walker to Work to Protect SeniorCare Senator Carpenter asked Governor Walker to use his influence on the national stage to help protect Wisconsin’s seniors.
Senator Carpenter Strongly Opposes Proposal to Self-Insure State HealthCare Senator Carpenter sent a letter to the Government Insurance Board, prior to their December 13, 2016 meeting to state his strong opposition to the proposal to change the state employee health insurance system to a self-insured model. Sen. Carpenter voiced his concern that such a change would affect the private health insurance market in Wisconsin with possible negative consequences on consumers.
75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack “On the morning of December 7, 1941 the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor was devastated by a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy. The attack led to the United States’ entry into World War II.
Senator Carpenter Denounces Proposed 5% Cut for Wisconsin Veterans Services Senator Carpenter denounced the proposed budget produced by the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs with a 5% cut, including cutting veterans assistive living programs. “The budget produced with a 5% cut is unacceptable,” said Carpenter.
Senator Carpenter Calls for Transportation Budget Vote Separate from the General State Budget Senator Carpenter, in anticipation of the upcoming release of the Department of Transportation’s budget, called for the legislature to vote on the DOT budget separate from the general state budget.
Ethics Commissioners Should be Banned Today State Senator Tim Carpenter released the following statement regarding the actions taken by Wisconsin’s newly created Ethic’s Commission allowing its commissioners to make campaign contributions....
Republicans Finally Facing Consequences of Election Law Overreach State Senator Tim Carpenter responded to recent legal decisions putting a check on election laws passed by Wisconsin’s Republican majority in the legislature, and Gov. Scott Walker....
Caring for Our Senior Citizens "Senate Democrats will continue to fight to keep these programs like FamilyCare intact to ensure Wisconsin keeps its promise to care for our seniors, and treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve."
Milwaukee Soldiers Home Rehabilitation to Help Veterans Sen. Carpenter expressed gratitude and excitement to hear that the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs has acted to approve plans to rehabilitate and restore six of the Milwaukee Soldiers Home District's unused buildings for the service of veterans.
Celebrate the Wisconsin State Fair Senator Tim Carpenter offered the following Democratic Weekly Radio address today highlighting the great tradition of the Wisconsin State Fair.
Senator Carpenter is "100% Honored" With Multiple Recognitions State Senator Tim Carpenter stated that he was “100%” honored” to recently receive the following “100%” recognitions
Funding Milwaukee Police: Governor Should Restore Shared Revenue Cuts Governor Walker should, in his next budget, restore his $12.4 million per year cut to the City of Milwaukee’s shared revenue payment, and target it for one biennial budget to funding increased costs incurred by Milwaukee Police Department.
Senator Carpenter Welcomes Opening of Mexican Consulate in City of Milwaukee State Senator Tim Carpenter welcomed and congratulated the new Mexican Consulate which will officially open in Milwaukee on July1st.
Sen. Carpenter Will Re-Introduce Bill to Increase Hate Crime Penalties State Senator Tim Carpenter announced that in the next legislative session that he will re-introduce a bill to increase the penalties for hate crimes committed in our state.
Statement of State Senator Tim Carpenter on Orlando Massacre State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) released the following statement regarding Sunday’s massacre of 50 people at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida.
Our Great Lakes Must Be Protected from Pipeline Spills State Senator Tim Carpenter announced that he has sent a letter to both of Wisconsin’s U.S. Senators.
Sen. Carpenter: Make Supreme Court Justices Appointed to Fill Vacant Seats Run for Election at Next Spring Ballot Senator Tim Carpenter announced that he will be introducing a Supreme Court judicial reform package when the next legislative session begins.
Senator Carpenter Congratulates the Opening of Wisconsin’s Fisher House Zablocki at VA Medical Center Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) issued the following statement on the opening of the Wisconsin’s Fisher House Zablocki VA Medical Center.
Legislature Passes Bill Helping Protect Domestic Abuse Victims Senator Carpenter thanked his legislative colleagues for passing a bill he authored to help victims of domestic violence by taking away leverage that the perpetrators can hold over a victim by threatening harm to a victim’s pet.
Sen. Carpenter Introduces Bill to Increase Hate Crime Penalties Senator Tim Carpenter is introducing a bill that will increase the penalties for hate crimes committed in our state.
Carpenter Fights Violations of Local Control with Supermajority Bill Senator Carpenter will be introducing a bill that would require a supermajority two-thirds vote of the legislature to pass bills overturning local government policies, ordinances, and regulations.
Powerball Income Tax Windfall Should Go to Help Veterans State Senator Tim Carpenter announced that if the estimated $1.3 Billion dollar Powerball ticket is won in Wisconsin, he will draft a bill requiring that 100% of the resulting Wisconsin state income tax revenue be deposited into the Veterans Trust Fund
Urgent Action Needed Sobriety Checkpoints for Milwaukee County To help ensure greater public safety on the roads in Milwaukee County, Senator Carpenter will introduce a bill to allow the local option to approve and conduct a pilot safety program allowing sobriety checkpoints.