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Madison – State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) responded today to news reports that Republican legislative leaders in both houses intend to push for passage of right-to-work legislation in the upcoming legislative session.

“Governor Walker has consistently said that this is not a priority for him, but he has never used his bully pulpit to threaten to veto it. In failing to do so, the governor appears to be encouraging legislators to send him a right-to-work bill and then pretend it wasn’t his idea. But there is no doubt that if this bill reaches his desk he will sign it,” said Carpenter.
“Changing Wisconsin to a right-to-work state appears part and parcel of an extreme Republican agenda that looks to satisfy the wealthy and corporate wish lists. It sure looks like their plan is to rip open old wounds with their divide and conquer strategy against workers’ rights just like they did with Act 10,” said Carpenter.