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Madison – Today State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) called out Governor Walker’s priorities for the Department of Transportation as being out of touch with Wisconsinites needs and priorities. 
“Earlier this year, I sent out a survey to the constituents in the Third Senate District. The responses show just how out of touch Governor Walker’s Administration is with the needs and priorities of Wisconsinites,” said Carpenter
One survey question asked:
“Wisconsin’s Transportation Fund, mostly funded by gas taxes, is underfunded by over $1 billion. How should we address this shortfall?” The survey’s options and the responses were as follows:


***7% responded: Increase the gas tax 

***4% responded : Increase license plate fees

     6% responded: Charge car owners based upon the miles driven

     15% responded: Institute toll roads

     19% responded: Cut Highway expansion projects

     45% responded: We should have used the $1 billion increased revenue this year for
                                road repair and not the governor’s income tax cuts

      4% responded: Undecided

“It is notable that Walker’s Department of Transportation has proposed both increasing the gas tax, by 5 cents, and increasing various license plate fees – the options by far the least preferred by the Third Senate District respondents,” said Carpenter.
Senator Carpenter noted that on several surveys he has asked, for Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation budgeting purposes, which is a higher priority: new highway construction or maintaining local roads? Ninety four percent of respondents believe the highest priority should be maintaining local roads. Again, Governor Walker’s administration has gone down the wrong road against public opinion.   
“It is clear that the Department of Transportation’s proposals are tone deaf to the priorities of people in this state,” said Carpenter.
Senator Carpenter reiterated his request for Governor Walker to submit a separate Transportation budget separate and apart from the rest of the biennial budget. “This November, voters decisively decided that transportation funding and projects be segregated and not comingled with funds from the general state budget,” said Carpenter.