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Madison-Today, Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) called on Brown County District Attorney David Lasee to investigate and prosecute the farm workers caught on tape abusing animals. In a letter sent to District Attorney Lasee, Senator Carpenter said.

“I, like many Wisconsinites, was deeply disturbed by the recent video depicting the extreme animal abuse by employees at the Wiese Brothers Farm in Brown County. Animal abuse of the nature captured in that video is reprehensible and a clear message needs to be sent that it will not be tolerated in Wisconsin.
Our state has a farming and dairy tradition of which we can all be proud and the actions of those few employees cannot be allowed to taint that. I would like to ask that the individuals caught on this tape be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Simply put, actions like those caught on this tape must not only be stopped but the punishments for them must be tough enough to act as a sufficient deterrent to any would be animal abusers in the future. I would also ask that if any community service was part of a potential sentence that it be lengthy and in the area of animal abuse prevention.”