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“In pursuing reform, the state legislature has an opportunity to lead by example.”
Madison – Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee) announced that he will be re-introducing a bill to reduce by one third the number of senators and representatives in the Wisconsin legislature. The proposal has the potential to reduce the costs of government going forward by hundreds of millions of dollars.
Senator Carpenter’s bill will reduce the number of senators from 33 to 25. The bill will also reduce the number of assembly representatives from 99 to 75.
“As we look across state government for ways to reduce costs and make government more efficient we shouldn’t overlook our legislature and see if the same work can be done for less. Folks all over Wisconsin are being asked to do more with less, and the legislature can do the same. Let’s improve the efficiency of the legislature and do our work with fewer members,” said Carpenter.
Senator Carpenter noted the interest by some in the legislature on passing a law to reform the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors by making the elected positions part-time. “I think starting reform at the top allows the state legislature an opportunity to lead by example, and show that the desire for reform is genuine, and unaffected by parochial interest. I think we have an excellent opportunity to go forward with reforming the state legislature to consolidate the legislature’s districts and save the taxpayers’ money,” said Carpenter.
Senator Carpenter stated that he will be introducing this bill on Monday, January 14, 2013. In the previous legislative session, Senator Carpenter’s bill to reduce the legislature was introduced as SB 35, but died in committee without a hearing.