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The statewide COVID-19 website is a one stop shop that consolidates information from state agencies, and provides up-to-date information and guidance regarding COVID-19. DHS has also offered information on their website on How and Where to Get Tested.

If you're not busy, please make a call, send a card, or write a letter to someone you know who lives alone of may need assistance.

Please, let them and your family know that you are thinking of them, and that we are here for each other.

Bless each of you during this difficult time of uncertainty and suffering. Take good care!


Federal CARES Act Funding Allocations Announced

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Over the past week, Governor Evers announced several programs that his administration has created to disburse funds allocated to Wisconsin through the federal CARES Act.

The programs include:

Programs like these will prove vital to shifting our economy back into gear, while maintaining safety precautions for communities and respecting the complicated healthcare needs of Wisconsin families.

A Decision Whether to Cancel the Wisconsin State Fair will Be Delivered Soon

Today, the Wisconsin State Fair Board of Directors unanimously voted to authorize chairman John Yingling to make and deliver a final decision over whether to cancel this year's State Fair.

The discussions around whether or not to hold the Fair this year have been difficult and detailed, considering the diverse set of events that take place at the Fair. We should hear soon from Chairman Yingling with a final decision. Read more.

Property Assessments Virtual Town Hall

Many residents of the City of Milwaukee have seen their property assessments increase this year. Some have seen increases of more than $30,000 with no clear explanation for how the calculation was determined.

To help organize community concerns and to brainstorm solutions, Amani United, The Lindsay Heights Community Planning Council, and the Midtown Neighborhood Alliance are hosting the "City of Milwaukee Property Assessment Town Hall." Conclusions from the town hall will be shared with the Review Board and elected officials.

Join via Zoom Webinar on Thursday, May 28, 2020 at 5:30 pm. If you’re not able to join, and would like your questions and solutions considered, please email them to dceasar@lhcpc.org.

Registration and Zoom login is required to join the Town Hall.

Here is the link to register and attend. 

In-person Court Hearings and Jury Trials to Resume

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court has determined that counties can adopt plans to begin holding in-person hearings and jury trials. The plans must be approved by the chief judge for each county's circuit before current restrictions will be lifted.

All plans should include: proof that all key stakeholders were involved in its formation; that all people coming to court wear masks; and increased provisions for sanitizing high-touch surfaces in courtrooms and related spaces. Read more.

100 Things to Do with Kids this Summer

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has put together a useful list of 100 things to do this Summer for parents who are running out of ideas. Many of the ideas that they have been included can be modified to suit adults, for those of us whose routines have grown a little too familiar while maintaining physical distancing this Spring!

Some of my favorites from the list are:

8. Do a squirrel census through the Milwaukee County Parks system

17. Make your own icecream

54. Check out behind the scenes tours of some of the Milwaukee Public Museum's collections

83. Make homemade cards to send to relatives, people in long term care facilities, or emergency responders.

101. Start a journal entry for the 2020 COVID-19 Journal Project or create a poster for the COVID-19 Poster Project through the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Diseases and Epidemics in Wisconsin History

The Wisconsin Historical Society has put together an informative article looking back at some of the notable diseases and epidemics that occurred in Wisconsin going back to European contact with the Native Americans who first settled this land. Read more

You can contribute to stories like these by participating in the COVID-19 Journal Project, an idea based in the Civil War journal project in 1861. Wisconsin Historical Society founder Lyman Draper asked soldiers stationed at Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin to help document the Civil War by keeping a diary. After the war, those diaries were mailed back to the Society, where today they are regarded as one of the most valuable collections in the Society’s archives.

Today the Wisconsin Historical Society is documenting the impact of COVID-19 of Wisconsin by starting a new journal project that is open to everyone.