September 28, 2018

Contact: Senator Robert Cowles: (608) 266-0484

Receives ‘Friend of the Towns’ Award

SHAWANO COUNTY– Senator Robert Cowles (R-Green Bay) released the following statement after receiving a Friend of the Towns award from the Wisconsin Towns Association during the Shawano County Towns Association Monthly Meeting in Angelica yesterday:

“I am honored to receive the Friend of the Towns award. Our local governments hold important and unique rolls in promoting economic development, protecting citizen’s health and welfare, and improving the standard of living in their communities.

“Developing a state and local government partnership is crucial in advancing our state forward. As a State Legislator, I enjoy the relationship I’ve built with local elected officials in my district who help us best serve the needs of our constituents.

“I would like to thank the Wisconsin Towns Association for this award. I look forward to working with our local governments and the Towns Association in the future.”

Senator Cowles authored three pieces of legislation that were supported by the Wisconsin Towns Association in the 2017-2018 Session, and either co-sponsored or supported dozens more. The bills he authored include:

  • The Clean Water Access Bill, 2017 Assembly Bill 226 and now 2017 Wisconsin Act 69, raises the cap on the grant amount available to help residents remediate or replace failing wells and gives local governments the authority to help replace failing septic tanks.
  • 2017 Assembly Bill 442, now 2017 Wisconsin Act 193, creates uniformity in the placement of signs designating ATV routes that are posted within a municipality to ease the burden on local governments of having to post and maintain an unnecessary amount of signs.
  • 2017 Assembly Bill 688, which failed to pass the Senate, would have reestablished the Wisconsin Conservation Corps, a program in which young adults can learn valuable work and life skills while protecting, enhancing and providing access to Wisconsin's natural resources.