April 15, 2019

Outagamie County Legislators Send Letter to Help Address

Concerns with Proposed Hortonia Youth Corrections Facility

HORTONIA– Today, several state lawmakers representing portions of Outagamie County sent a letter to the Joint Committee on Finance to request that approval of a Type 1 facility for youth in the Serious Juvenile Offender program that is planned to be located in the Town of Hortonia be delayed until the Department of Corrections, including the Secretary, hold an informational session or multiple sessions in the Town of Hortonia and the Department gains support for the placement of the facility from governing bodies of the Town and County.

On March 12, 2019, Governor Tony Evers announced the two intended locations for Type 1 facilities with one in Milwaukee County and the other in the Town of Hortonia in Outagamie County. Under this law, these facilities require approval by the Joint Committee on Finance. The announcement of the facility caught many in the area by surprise with very little to no prior knowledge and to date several concerns have not been addressed by The Department of Corrections to the Town of Hortonia.

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