As the 2021 legislative session kicks into high gear, we could certainly use the luck of the Irish - and everybody else - to turn the corner on an extraordinarily difficult year and start looking forward to better days ahead.

As always, my priority is how I can best serve my constituents:  by listening to your concerns, making sure you can access needed state programs, and by passing reforms that make state government work better for you.

2021 Legislative Priorities
Must Be the Leprechauns...

In the 2021-'23 state budget he recently introduced, Gov. Evers included several initiatives that complement those I have previously co-authored as separate legislation, including:

Covering pre-existing medical conditions

In January, I re-introduced the Pre-Existing Condition Guaranteed Coverage Act to ensure that no matter what happens at the national level, here in Wisconsin our residents won’t be denied access to life-saving treatment or necessary healthcare because of their medical history. JUST IN:  PASSED ASSEMBLY 92-0

Controlling out-of-pocket costs of medicine 

To ensure patient access to needed medications, manufacturers often provide cost-sharing assistance to patients in the form of coupons or vouchers.  To help control medicine costs, I’ve introduced legislation that makes sure this assistance counts toward a patient’s out-of-pocket drug maximum or cost-sharing requirements.

Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Account Expansion

Similar to 529 college savings accounts, federal law allows states to create tax-exempt savings accounts to cover expenses - such as education, housing, transportation, and more - for disabled individuals under the age of 26.  I’ve introduced legislation to move the state closer to establishing Wisconsin ABLE accounts, while still keeping out-of-state programs available for our citizens.

Although it’s heartening to see the Governor back my commonsense legislative agenda, I wish he would have shown that support in a fiscally-responsible state budget – not one that increases spending by nearly $8 billion and raises taxes $1 billion. 

My goal is to include these and other bi-partisan, consensus proposals within a more prudent legislative state budget plan, following the same practical blueprint that over the last several years has set state finances on the path that  - unlike many other states - enabled us to withstand the fiscal onslaught of Covid-19.


Pot o' Gold for State Finances

Speaking of which - we received some unexpected good news earlier this year:  The state budget is now projected to run a surplus of nearly $1.8 billion!   


New District Office!

I am excited to announce the opening of my First District Office, located in De Pere.   My District Director, Nic Cravillion, is a Kewaunee native and constituent relations specialist helping folks who need assistance dealing with a state agency, or who have any questions/concerns regarding the impact of legislative proposals on our area.

Please feel free to call Nic at 920/420-9570, or email him at



In addition, my committee assignments also let me be your voice and drive state policies in ways that address the unique needs of citizens in our area:

  • Senate Committee on Human Services, Children and Families (Chair)
  • Senate Committee on Veteran and Military Affairs & Constitution and Federalism (Vice Chair)
  • Senate Committee on Judiciary & Public Safety (member)
  • Senate Committee on Economic & Workforce Development (member)

Contact my District Office at 920/420-9570 about these or any other issue areas.  Your input it vital for me to represent our area as effectively as possible.


Area Conservation Groups Sharin' o' the Green

I am also a member of the Wisconsin State Building Commission. During a recent meeting, I made the motion to approve $104,072 in grants for six area non-profit groups that support state parks and wildlife areas in Brown, Calumet, Door and Manitowoc Counties.  Our area received over 40% of the $250,000 available, highlighting the importance of the natural environmental features that make our area so unique in Wisconsin.


Sen. Jacque Leads National Conservation Group

I am very proud to be named a Wisconsin lead for the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL), a bipartisan group of state lawmakers from all over the country advancing a pro-environment and conservation agenda. From issues such as workman’s compensation and unemployment insurance, the federal government has adopted policies that were first developed and proven in state legislatures.  We are following these examples by promoting policies that preserve and protect the environment, which does not stop at state lines.


Protecting Our Public Safety Heroes

With increasing suicide rates for first responders suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) now outpacing on-duty deaths, the State Senate in a unanimous roll call vote approved the “Public Safety PTSD Coverage Act” to help the heroes who protect our communities. The measure extends workers compensation coverage for the repeated day-to-day traumas suffered by those who run toward - not away from - danger.  


Veteran Leadership Making Military Service Less Taxing

From left to right:  Rep. James Edming (Assembly co-author), Tim La Sage, Sen. Jacque, Jason Church, Steve Janke, and Paul Fisk testified for the measure.

State tax relief for Wisconsin’s active duty military members could be headed for a vote in the State Senate after clearing the Senate Committee on Financial Institutions and Revenue by a unanimous 5-0 vote.  I was proud to be joined at a public hearing by several Wisconsin veterans who testified to committee members about how ending state taxation of active duty military pay would significantly increase Wisconsin’s ability to retain and recruit trained military personnel for Wisconsin’s workforce.


Taking a Flyer on Austin Straubel

As we know, Covid-19 brought a huge shock to the tourism sector, which is vital to our area economy.  That’s why I contacted the US Department of Transportation and urged them to approve a Small Community Air Service Development Grant (SCASD) project submitted by Austin Straubel International Airport. This grant opportunity will boost the economy for our area and help reopen an industry that was virtually shut down.


Area Student Interns with Sen. Jacque

My name is Jack Leiterman, a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from De Pere. Through my studies of Economics and Public Policy, I was given a great opportunity to intern in Sen. Jacque's office for the past month.  I have been able to connect with constituents, observe committee hearings, and learn about the legislative process.  It has been a privilege working with the Senator and his team.  I am looking forward to learning and contributing more in the coming months!


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