A Time For Change

Here in the State Senate, 2019 has been a productive year. From a successful budget that included four of my top priorities, to three separate bills signed into law, I've been looking out for your concerns. I'm pleased that thirteen of my bills have been passed out of the Senate this year, on a mostly bi-partisan basis.

Stay tuned next month for a list of my current priorities, and what I hope to accomplish before the end of the session.

The State Budget
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In early summer, my colleagues and I passed the state budget after much deliberation in Joint Finance. During the budget process, I accomplished many victories, including funding for the Southern Bridge in De Pere, directing funds to fix the power cable for Washington Island, and fully funding the State Prosecutors Office.

Governor Evers originally vetoed funds for the Southern Bridge project, but later reversed the decision, paving the way for state help for this much-needed infrastructure project.

After guaranteeing support in the budget for a new Washington Island underwater power cable, the Washington Island Electric Co-Op awarded me with a slice of the new cable, keeping the island powered for years to come.

Due to the emergency that unfolded after the power cable broke, I also included in the budget the ability for Co-Ops to qualify for disaster relief funds in the future.

I continued to address the opioid epidemic by requiring greater tracking on naloxone use. Naloxone is known as an "opioid antagonist", and is commonly used to treat opioid overdoses by emergency personnel. Previously, the state had no way of tracking where and when it was used.

Lastly, I included a provision in the budget that fully funds the State Prosector's office. This funding helps to support victims' rights, retain experienced prosecutors, and add additional prosecutors in counties that were the most understaffed, including four of the six counties in the First State Senate District.

Earning Wisconsin District Attorneys’ Association Legislator of the Year Award
I have worked closely with prosecutors and law enforcement on many issues throughout my time in the legislature. I was truly honored to receive the Wisconsin District Attorneys’ Association “Legislator of the Year Award” for my work to improve our state’s criminal justice system. I am proud to continue my work to close loopholes, provide resources to ensure public safety, protect victim’s rights, and improve our entire court system.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving Legislator of the Year

I am proud to continue my leadership concerning drunk driving on behalf of my constituents to find solutions that protect the public and treat the issue with the seriousness it deserves. The tragic toll of drunk driving has scarred our hearts and communities for too long, and I am grateful for MADD’s partnership in saving lives.


Three Bills Signed With More To Go

So far this session, Governor Evers has signed three separate bills I've introduced into law. While I have many bills near completion (more in my next email) you can read about the three signed below.

Wisconsin Act 16, written by Representative Tusler and myself, closed a loophole in Wisconsin's child pornography laws, and was written on behalf of Internet Crimes Against Children investigators and families in Northeast Wisconsin and across the state.

Wisconsin Act 50 was written by Representative Knodl and myself. It treats autocycles, with pedals and a steering wheel, differently than motorcycles allowing for this popular vehicle to be driven with a regular license.

Last, Wisconsin Act 32 was written by Representative Kitchens and myself. It allows for the Washington Island Observer newspaper to be used as the island's "paper of record", meaning the island government can post public notices in the newspaper.

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2019-'20 Blue Book

The 2019-'20 Blue Book has arrived! The Blue Book contains everything you need to know about state government. If you're interested in receiving a free copy simply respond to this email with your name and address. 

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