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Since my election to the State Senate, water quality has been a top priority. Below you'll read about how I've prioritized our drinking water.

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Last month I introduced three bills all aimed at protecting our most valuable resource- water. Clean water and nutrient management are essential to the long-term health of Wisconsin and the entire Great Lakes region. I’m proud to take a leading role in keeping the water we drink clean with the below legislation, some of which passed out of committee today.

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Recently I was unanimously elected as the chair of the nonpartisan Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Legislative Caucus (GLLC) Nutrient Management Taskforce. GLLC is a bi-national coalition through the Council of State Governments midwestern office with members from eight states and two Canadian provinces in the Great Lakes region assisting the implementation of the Great Lakes Compact.

My plan in leading the task force is to prioritize the shared resource that is the Great Lakes through the discovery of evidence-based approaches and implementation of best practices.

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I was honored to have 15 constituents come to meet with me to advocate for clean water bills in the Legislature. They advocated for bills like Senate Bill 423 which requires all schools to test water lines for lead. 

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