December Legislative Update

Welcome to my December Legislative Update. In it, I discuss my legislation to help first responders with PTSD, require hospitals to receive consent prior to administering a pelvic exam, and a bill package honoring veterans. 

Patient Privacy Protection Act

Recently, along with Senator Lena Taylor, Representatives Janel Brandtjen, and Chris Taylor, I introduced the Patient Privacy Protection Act to require consent before medical students conduct pelvic exams on unconscious women. In some hospitals, medical students are allowed to perform pelvic exams without the patient being aware multiple students are going to be "practicing" on them. Pelvic exams are incredibly intrusive medical procedures that when conducted without consent nearly amount to sexual assault. 

If you're interested in learning more about this issue, you can read an article about the problem nationally here

Protecting Those Who Protect Us

With increasing suicide rates for first responders suffering from PTSD, there is a general consensus that something needs to be done. The Public Safety PTSD Coverage Act that I've introduced will make changes to finally clarify the conditions of liability for worker's compensation benefits for a law enforcement officer or a firefighter who is diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder to ensure the coverage they need is received. Similar legislation has been passed in recent years by several other states, including Minnesota, with a negligible impact on the overall worker's compensation system costs.

PTSD can be treated effectively, and allow those affected to return to protecting and serving the public. It is critical that the men and women we have depended on as first responders that are affected by PTSD have access to treatment and the support they need to recover, both for their own health and those who depend on them.

PTSD (4).png

Honoring All Who Served


Earlier, I introduced the Yellow Ribbon Package which aims to help veterans living in Wisconsin by making a series of changes to benefits. These six bills help nearly all aspects of veterans' lives while they're back here in Wisconsin. They do a lot, from better connecting County Veteran Service Offices with the funding they need, to waiving application fees for veterans applying to one of Wisconsin's many state colleges.

All of these changes help to make Wisconsin a destination for veterans and aid in recruiting veterans to Wisconsin after their service is finished. Veterans put everything on the line for us, and it is only fair we repay them after their service is complete.

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