Legislative Update

December 2021

Sen. Jacque's Bills Signed into Law

This month, Gov. Evers signed two more of my bills into law:

Guardianship Training (Assembly Bill 100/Senate Bill 92)

The most vulnerable members of our society will receive stronger protections under a measure requiring training for guardians of incapacitated adults, an initiative supported by state advocacy groups including the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities and Disability Rights Wisconsin. On the spectrum of delegation of decision-making by an adult, guardianship is the most
restrictive and comprehensive in comparison to the alternatives, such as power of attorney.  This new law enhances our guardian protections by requiring practices that will help ensure safe, fulfilling lives for the defenseless ones among us.


Clear Ports, Cleaner Beaches  (Senate Bill 93/Assembly Bill 99)

Officials from Two Rivers supported this DNR regulatory reform to promote clearing of Great Lakes ports and supply chains, and encourage efforts to clean and restore beaches. Sediment and sand accumulation is a naturally-occurring process in our rivers and harbors.  To keep harbors safe for economic activity and recreational boating, they need to be dredged.  One best practice to promote coastal resiliency is “beach nourishment,” allowing replenished/recycled beach sand dredged from offshore to maintain the natural beach area and protective offshore sand bar system, saving money for local taxpayers who otherwise face substantial costs.


Gov. Evers Vetoes Bipartisan Bill Promoting Family-Supporting Jobs (Senate Bill 125/Assembly Bill 115)

Unfortunately, the Governor also blocked a path for workers to obtain training for well-paying, family-supporting jobs by vetoing my bipartisan legislation extending the tax deduction for postsecondary tuition to apprenticeship instruction.  In 2019, manufacturing workers averaged $74,252 in compensation, according to the National Association of Manufacturers.  My "Workforce and Education Fairness Act" would have leveled the educational playing field by addressing a significant financial barrier to these rewarding skilled trade careers.


Kewaunee County Law Enforcement Discussion

I was pleased to take part in a recent round table conversation hosted by Kewaunee County Sheriff Matt Joski.  Along with Congressman Mike Gallagher and State Rep. Joel Kitchens, we discussed ways to fight violent crime, drug addiction and the mental health crisis, along with other issues facing our communities.  This is exactly the type of concise and honest discussion regarding the challenges our communities face that public officials at all levels need to have regularly so that we can effectively respond together.


Christmas Tree Returns to State Capitol!

What better time than Christmas to take stock, count our blessings, and look forward to even better days ahead in the New Year!  The state Christmas Tree is back in the Capitol Rotunda after a two-year absence.  The 32-foot balsam fir, donated by the Menominee Nation from the grounds of the Menominee Tribal Enterprise Forestry Center in Keshena, stands as a symbol of hope.

2021-23 Bluebooks are Here!

Published in the autumn of every odd-numbered year, the Wisconsin Blue Book provides detailed information about our state government, as well as fascinating statistical data and stories about our rich Wisconsin history.  If you would like a copy, feel free to contact my office. You can also access the publication online.

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