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While the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been dominating the news, my staff and I have gathered and summarized the information below to help further inform you on related actions with state agencies and public health declarations. Many of these links have been updated very recently and guidelines have been subject to rapid change. The measures Wisconsin is taking are temporary, and hopefully we can resume a sense of normalcy and health in the near future.

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State and Federal health officials have largely stated that the easiest way to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus is to practice good hand hygiene. Frequent hand washing with soap and water in conjunction with avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth can reduce your risk of contracting the virus. Additionally, social distancing and not partaking in gatherings larger than 10 people will decrease the chances of exposure. It is very important to note that these measures not only protect you, but also loved ones and community members who may have compromised immune systems, or be older. 

You can view the full recommendations from the CDC by clicking here
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COVID-19 cases have not been confirmed in every county in Wisconsin, and have been more prevalent in certain population centers. Northeast Wisconsin has seen only a few confirmed cases, though the numbers will increase. So far, only one positive test has been reported in a county in the 1st Senate District. Outagamie County has had a positive test, while Brown, Calumet, Door, Kewaunee and Manitowoc Counties still do not have any positive tests as of yesterday afternoon. 


As of March 17th, there were a total of 72 positive tests and 1,038 negative results for COVID-19 in Wisconsin, although there remain concerns with test availability. As numbers continue to rise, keep in mind that increased testing will lead to a better, more complete picture of the scope of this problem in Wisconsin.   


You can track where the cases are most frequently occurring, how many people have been tested, and how many people have recovered by clicking here to visit the Department of Health Services web page.  In addition to the DHS web page dedicated to informing the public about active cases, there is a new website specifically about the Coronavirus and what Wisconsin is doing to keep people healthy.
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In order to limit the spread of infection in Wisconsin, K-12 schools and most colleges have suspended in-person classes indefinitely. Governor Evers has also issued an executive order prohibiting most gatherings of over 10 people, excluding transportation, child care, hotels, law enforcement, food pantries, hospitals, long-term care facilities, grocery stores, convenience stores, utility facilities, job centers, courts, and other limited exceptions. All restaurants and bars are to close dining areas, but take-out and delivery are still allowed. Please support your local small businesses. Click here to see the official guidelines about the mass gathering banNewsletter Line (1).png

Water Quality (4).png (1)Unemployment benefits are available to anyone who is no longer working due to COVID-19. An executive order issued earlier today follows federal guidance in waiving work search requirements and ensuring claimants out of work due to COVID-19 are eligible for benefits. For more information on how to apply, visit the Department of Workforce Development's website. 
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Governor Evers has not yet suspended the April 7th Spring General Election and Presidential Primary. It is highly suggested you vote via mail-in absentee to minimize exposure at your polling place. The deadline to request an absentee ballot by mail is April 2nd. The deadline to register to vote by mail or online is March 18. For more information on what is on your ballot and how to request an absentee ballot, visit

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