Saying No to Evers' Liberal Wishlist

Unlike Governor Evers' liberal wishlist, the WISCONSIN Budget holds the line on spending and cuts taxes for Wisconsin families.

Here's a sample of some of the radical ideas Governor Evers had proposed that the WISCONSIN Budget rejects:

  • $1 billion in tax increases;
  • 71 non-fiscal policy items, as identified by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau;
  • Capping the school choice program that limits the ability of low income families to pick the school that is best for their children;
  • Providing drivers licenses for illegal aliens;
  • Tuition breaks for undocumented individuals;
  • Governor’s expansion of welfare programs;
  • Eliminating drug screening requirements and time limits for welfare;
  • Changes to unemployment insurance that would make it easier to not work and increase costs for employers at a time when unemployment is below 3%;
  • Re-establish prevailing wage laws that were recently repealed. The repeal of prevailing wage has been shown to reduce state construction costs for roads and buildings;
  • Decriminalization of marijuana that would have opened the door to recreational use; 
  • Funding Planned Parenthood;
  • Provide free internet for welfare recipients;
  • Create automatic voter registration;
  • Eliminate the Legislature's oversight of the Executive Branch;
  • Place redistricting in the hands of unelected bureaucrats.

Cutting Your Taxes

Unlike the $1 billion tax hike proposed by Gov. Evers and his Democrat allies, the WISCONSIN Budget provides more than $500 million in tax cuts for working families.

That means, coupled with Republican tax reforms passed over the last ten years, Wisconsin taxpayers will have saved over $12 billion in total.

Coupled with the holding the line on property taxes, the WISCONSIN Budget is helping you keep more of you hard-earned dollars.