Wisconsin Policy Projecta series of articles that address key public policy issues.

Fiscal Estimate Manual—intended to help state agencies prepare fiscal estimates for legislative proposals and to explain the fiscal estimate process.

LRB Reports—reports about the Wisconsin Legislature and current public policy issues.

Legislating in Wisconsin—focuses on the organization and functions of the Wisconsin legislature and the lawmaking process.

Wisconsin Constitution—a complete text of the Wisconsin Constitution, which includes earlier versions of all constitutional provisions.

Reading the Constitution—examines the Wisconsin Constitution, focusing on judicial and legislative interpretation of the constitution, as well as discusses the historical context and federal constitutional issues relevant to the Wisconsin legislature.

Summary of Legislation—presents brief summaries of laws enacted by the Wisconsin legislature in the current legislative session.

Prior sessions are listed in our digital collection.

Redistricting Informationdetailed publications related to legislative redistricting in Wisconsin.

Rulings of the Chair—that included explanations (October 2016 - January 1995)

Elections Information—information about candidates and the elections process in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Blue Book—a biennial publication containing information on the legislature, the organization of state government, and vital statistics on Wisconsin government and elections.

Video Tutorialsinstructions on how to read and use legislative documents.

Oral History Seriesinterviews with former legislators, state officials, and prominent political figures.

Archive—a searchable database of all Legislative Reference Bureau Publications since 1951.