November 2000


Section 9131(3m) of 1999 Wisconsin Act 9 requires the Legislative Audit Bureau to contract with an organization to evaluate the cost-effectiveness, access to services, and quality of care provided by the Family Care pilot projects. In collaboration with staff from the Department of Health and Family Services, the Legislative Audit Bureau released a request for proposals and, from among the five competitive proposals submitted, selected The Lewin Group to evaluate the Family Care program. As contract administrator, the Legislative Audit Bureau approves each work product delivered by The Lewin Group to ensure objectivity and independence. However, the findings, conclusions, and recommendations in the report are those of The Lewin Group.

The evaluation process has three stages. The first stage was the development of the enclosed Wisconsin Family Care Implementation Process Evaluation Report. The second stage will be the development of an impact evaluation, which will assess the extent to which the pilot projects are meeting the stated goals of Family Care. That stage is currently scheduled to begin in June 2001. The final stage of the evaluation will assess the benefits and costs of the program. Work on it is currently scheduled to begin in January 2002.

The enclosed report is the first of five The Lewin Group will develop on the status of Family Care implementation. The report contains background information on the Family Care program as a whole, as well as evaluative information on the development of each pilot project. The report also contains a glossary of terms and a research methodology section that demonstrates the contacts made by The Lewin Group in the five pilot counties—Fond du Lac, La Crosse, Milwaukee, Portage and Richland—in order to assess the current status of the Family Care program.

Through contact with these pilot projects and numerous interviews with staff from the Department, The Lewin Group advances the following key findings about the implementation of Family Care:

The report is available on the Legislative Audit Bureau’s Web page at http://www.legis.state.wi.us/lab. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please contact our office and request the Family Care report. If you have further questions, please contact Kate Wade at (608) 266-2818.



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