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April 10th, 2020


This week, Wisconsin Republicans in the legislature have continued to doubt science, downplay the threat of COVID-19, and disregard public safety. After Governor Evers issued an executive order to postpone in-person voting on April 7th and protect voters and election officials across Wisconsin, legislative Republicans sued the Governor in order to force the election to proceed. This irresponsible and political move jeopardized the health of thousands of Wisconsin residents and risked the progress and sacrifices made from the last few weeks of social distancing and staying at home.


Wisconsin needs a rapid and comprehensive approach to the public health crisis. While Governor Evers has continued to take swift and pragmatic action, Wisconsin Republicans have shown they are more concerned with holding onto power than protecting Wisconsinites. Republicans have refused to take necessary action needed to address impacts COVID-19 has had on our communities. Instead, Republicans have put more lives in jeopardy, potentially lengthening the timeframe of social distancing, and caused more economic damage. 


Democrats are committed to protecting the health and well-being of everyone in our state and preventing the spread of this disease. Legislative Democrats and Governor Evers are committed to providing immediate and long-term relief to workers, students, families, seniors and local businesses impacted by the ongoing health and economic challenges.


What Democrats are Saying 

​ Democratic Proposals

LRB 5972 Voting by mail in 2020: Suspending voter identification requirements, the deadline for electronic voter registration, voting by mail with an absentee ballot, and making an appropriation (Rep. Hintz. Sen. Miller. Rep. Hesselbein, Rep. Spreitzer, and Rep. Doyle). 

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