August 11, 2017

Last week Thursday, the Assembly Committee on Jobs and the Economy held a public hearing on legislation that would target $3 billion in tax breaks to Foxconn, a foreign-based electronics manufacturer currently exploring potential sites for a factory in Wisconsin. While Gov. Walker has promised this project would create thousands of jobs, concerns over taxpayer costs, worker wages and environmental damage have been raised. A Foxconn companion bill in the Senate has been referred to the Joint Finance Committee where it is waiting to be scheduled for a public hearing.

Republican lawmakers continue to struggle with a state budget that is now six weeks overdue. While Republicans have met privately, no progress has been made to improve road conditions, restore school funding or maintain key state priorities.

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Budget Update

The budget-writing Joint Finance Committee hasn’t met publicly since June 15th as Republican infighting derailed the committee process and caused the state to miss its July 1st budget deadline. The failure to pass a budget on time has resulted in several transportation project delays with additional worker layoffs and cost increases likely to impact the state if a new budget is not adopted. 

As families prepare to send their children back to school, Republican inactivity has also made it more difficult for communities and school districts to budget for the upcoming academic year. Potential delays in state aid payments could have a significant impact on school funding levels and classroom resources in the 2017-18 school year. 

You can view all of the previous motions and votes on the state budget by visiting the Legislative Democrats website here:  



There is no executive session scheduled at this time. The committee must still address budget provisions related to the following agencies:

What Democrats Are Saying
Legislative Proposals

LRB4062 & LRB4063 Cider Sampling (Sen. Miller, Rep. Kooyenga) would enable Wisconsin wineries to provide free of charge taste samples of fermented cider produced by other Wisconsin wineries. Currently, a cider producer may only provide their own cider taste samples.

This Week in the Senate

Senate Session

The Senate did not conduct a floor period this week. The next floor session will take place when the Senate takes up the budget. The entire floor session calendar can be found here

Senate Committees

Senate Economic Development, Commerce and Local Government
The committee held a Public Hearing to discuss three Senate Bills and one Assembly Bill:

Senate Bill 175 / Assembly Bill 253 would ensure the new owner of a foreclosed property sale is recorded with the Register of Deeds office and would clarify that published foreclosure sale notices must include the street address of the property and the sum of the judgment. 

Senate Bill 345 would allow a city or village that operates under the city manager system of government to impose a residency requirement on its city manager. 

Senate Bill 309 would prohibit counties and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources from creating zoning ordinances or other rules that prevent the operation of event centers in existing buildings at former recreational campgrounds along the Lower St. Croix.

This Week in the Assembly

Assembly Session

The Assembly was not scheduled for a floor period this week. The scheduled floor periods for the session are available here.

Assembly Committees

No Assembly committee hearings or executive sessions were held this week. The committee schedule is available here.

Next Week in the Legislature

Senate Committees

Senate Health and Human Services
The committee will hold a Public Hearing to discuss Senate Bill 258, Senate Bill 381 and Senate Bill 84.

Assembly Committees

There are no committee meetings scheduled for next week at this time.


 To view updated committee notices, visit the legislative website and click on Committee Schedule: Wisconsin State Legislature.

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