I'm Representative Shannon Zimmerman from River Falls and I'm looking into ways to give consumers the power to protect their data for the first time ever in Wisconsin.  

Privacy is disappearing in this country. If a burglar were to enter your home and record your private conversations, rifle through your receipts, or take  pictures of your children, you would rightfully be livid! Companies now track every aspect of your life – including your purchases, your moods, your  habits, and your travel. This information isn’t just used to sell you things; it can also be used to decide whether you get a line of credit or where you can get a job. It’s time for us to prioritize peoples’ privacy.

I'm looking at measures that are modeled after the European General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Not only is this the gold standard for privacy advocates, but US companies that do business in Europe already have to comply with these regulations. Passage of this initiative would place Wisconsin at the forefront in consumer protection on data privacy.

This effort is about returning privacy to our citizens and taking control of the effects of technology on our society, before it takes us down a dark path.

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