Rep. Zimmerman: Lowering the Cost of Prescription Medication The bill requires PBMs to be licensed by the Office of Commissioner of Insurance and eliminates ‘gag clauses’ in state law which prohibit pharmacists from telling their customers they could save money by purchasing medication instead of using insurance.
Rep. Tony Kurtz: Joint Resolution Commemorates Gulf War Veterans It ended in less than two months, but the men and women who served in Operation Desert Storm still feel its impact nearly three decades later. ore than 10,000 Wisconsinites helped liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein’s forces, and ten Wisconsin soldiers lost their lives.
Rep. Gundrum: Standing with Wisconsin Farmers Agriculture is not just part of our heritage, it is an economic engine that pumps over $100 billion annually into our economy. and farmers face unique challenges unlike any other industry.
Rep. Gae Magnafici: Addressing Violence Against Our Nurses Nurses should never be afraid to go to work. They look after our loved ones by providing care to those in need, and every day they make a positive difference in people’s lives. As nurses, we tend to place the well-being of our patients before our own safety.
Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on State of the State Address The governor's speech tonight was more about politics than anything else.While the governor talks about bipartisanship, the legislature actually delivers on it. I’m proud of the bipartisan track record in the Assembly with 95 percent of the votes getting bipartisan support last year.