Legislature Passes Joint Resolution to Revoke Emergency Order Governor Evers has abused his limited authority for far too long by repeatedly issuing unlawful orders beyond his 60-day emergency powers. The Assembly and Senate voted to end the executive overreach and restore our constituents’ voice in the legislative process.
Letter to Gov. Evers on Emergency Rulemaking The Assembly vote to overturn the Governor's emergency order is not about masks. Wearing a mask is a good idea and people should wear them in public places. State law is clear, statute 323.10, that he may issue an emergency for 60 days, but must seek approval from the legislature after that time.
JFC Co-Chairs Letter to the Governor Rep. Mark Born and Sen. Howard Marklein sent a letter to Gov. Evers asking him to avoid a repeat of his first budget proposal which included excessive spending, tax hikes, and divisive non-fiscal items. Instead, the Governor should send a responsible budget that ensures we spend within our means.
Assembly Passes Legislation to Improve Wisconsin’s Vaccine Distribution The Assembly passed two bills offering solutions for improving Wisconsin’s ongoing rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. The two bills, authored by Rep. Joe Sanfelippo (New Berlin), reflect the feedback provided earlier this month by doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare leaders from across Wisconsin.
Assembly Approves COVID Relief The Assembly approved an amendment from Majority Leader Jim Steineke to Assembly Bill 1, which will bring much needed relief to hard-working Wisconsinites affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Assembly Republicans are stepping up and providing the relief that we know is crucial to our communities.