Speaker Robin Vos on the Passage of Unemployment Insurance System Upgrades The legislation provides a simple and easy roadmap for the governor to finally move forward at upgrading the unemployment insurance computer systems. If Governor Evers needs us in the legislature to require him to do his job, we will.
Common-Sense Prevails with Wisconsin Act 1 In addition to providing clarity to Wisconsin’s tax code and tax administration, Wisconsin Act 1 prohibits the state from collecting income tax on PPP and other relief dollars granted to struggling Wisconsin businesses.
Republicans Direct Governor Evers to Upgrade UI System If upgrading the unemployment system is truly a priority for Governor Evers, he will support this legislation. The Governor DOES NOT need legislative approval to initiate an IT system upgrade, but it is clear he does not plan to move forward unless directed to do so.
Legislative Leaders Respond to the Governor’s Unrealistic Budget Instead of priorities to move the state forward, the governor’s budget proposal is more of a political document to fill the wish lists of his own party. It contains far too many poison pills like expanding welfare, legalizing recreational marijuana, repealing Act 10 & growing the size of government.
Republicans Puts Kids First, Rewards In-Person Schools Getting our kids back to in-person learning is a top priority, This plan puts kids first, and incentivizes school districts to get our children back into the classroom while also rewarding those school districts who have spent time and resources to already make it happen.