GOP Letter to Governor Evers on Medicaid Expansion Legislative Republican leaders sent a letter to Governor Evers on his requests to expand the Medicaid program in Wisconsin. It isn't necessary as the state provides affordable coverage for those who need it up to 100% of the federal poverty level with no gap before subsidized rates on the exchange.
Legislative Leaders Respond to the Governor’s Special Session Call In Wisconsin, there is no coverage gap between BadgerCare and the heavily-subsidized federal exchanges. Everyone who wants insurance in our state has access and options. Our unique-to-Wisconsin solution is working, and we will not shift tens of thousands of people off their private insurance.
Speaker Vos, Sen. Marklein Author Workforce Recovery Legislation Republicans announced a workforce recovery bill encouraging unemployed individuals to return-to-work amid a massive, statewide worker shortage. It will end Wisconsin’s participation in federal the unemployment compensation enhancement programs that provide a disincentive for returning to work.
Star Spangled Banner Act Passes the State Assembly with Bi-partisan Support The Star Spangled Banner Act (AB 226) passed the Assembly with bipartisan support. The bill requires the National Anthem to be played at certain sporting events that are held in a venue that was constructed, at least in part, with public dollars.
Speaker Vos Statement on Bill Creating Fairness for Outside Election Funding for Election Administration This is about fairness and transparency and outside groups shouldn’t get to provide funding only to areas that align with their politics. This bill levels the playing field so that all communities in Wisconsin get a per-capita share of donations.