Governor’s Plan Provides Roadblocks to Reopening Wisconsin Instead of listening to the resounding outcry from the people of the state, Governor Evers is now making it harder to reopen Wisconsin. We continue to call on the governor to retreat from his one-size-fits-all approach and allow the state to safely open up regionally so people can get back to work.
Assembly GOP Frustrated with Governor’s Order, Lack of Recovery Plan While everyone shares the goal of protecting public health, the governor’s order goes too far. The Safer at Home order’s main intent was to flatten the curve, which we have successfully done to this point, not devastate our families.
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Coronavirus Response Bill Passes Assembly This legislation bolsters the state’s response to the public health emergency. The vote proves that our state can come together during these unprecedented times.
Assembly to Hold Session Tuesday on Coronavirus Response Bill The Assembly will meet in an extraordinary session on Tuesday to vote on a coronavirus response bill. We applaud the bipartisan work that went into the creation of this important bill and we anticipate a day of bipartisan action to help hard-working Wisconsin families and businesses.
Legislative Leaders to Call Extraordinary Session to Pass Coronavirus Relief Bill Republicans are announcing plans to begin an extraordinary session of the Legislature starting Tuesday, April 14th. It is still being determined which day each chamber will conduct a session. The full text of the bill is forthcoming and will be provided to members of the media upon release.