Truth in Spending Act Billions of taxpayer dollars should not be in the hands of a single person. We are simply asking the governor to include others in the decision-making process. Not only will this legislation allow for public input, it will also provide transparency.
Vos, LeMahieu: Legislative Leaders Circulate Truth in Spending Act The people of Wisconsin should have a voice in how billions of federal dollars are spent. The Truth in Spending Act will allow Wisconsinites, through their elected representatives, to have a say in the allocation of Coronavirus recovery funds in their communities.
Letter to Gov. Evers: Direct Funding to Districts with In-Person Learning With $21 million in education relief funds available to use at his sole discretion, Gov. Evers should support school districts that have put kids first and have held in-person instruction since the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year.
Speaker Robin Vos on the Passage of Unemployment Insurance System Upgrades The legislation provides a simple and easy roadmap for the governor to finally move forward at upgrading the unemployment insurance computer systems. If Governor Evers needs us in the legislature to require him to do his job, we will.
Common-Sense Prevails with Wisconsin Act 1 In addition to providing clarity to Wisconsin’s tax code and tax administration, Wisconsin Act 1 prohibits the state from collecting income tax on PPP and other relief dollars granted to struggling Wisconsin businesses.