Letter to Gov. Evers on UI Trust Fund The COVID19 Response Bill required unemployment claims related to the health emergency not be charged to an employer’s account for the rest of 2020. DWD isn't following the law, and that will lead to huge tax increases on businesses already hurting as a result of the economic shutdown.
Rep. Nygren: Stop the Excuses Gov. Evers, Fix Unemployment Insurance Now DWD needs to spend more time working to find ways to speed up the claims process and less time making excuses for their inability to effectively process unemployment claims. Some constituents have been waiting over 60 days for benefits. Enough is enough.
JFC Approves Plan to Support Childcare Providers around the State The Joint Finance Committee approved a plan to appropriate funding from the federal CARES Act for childcare providers across the state of Wisconsin. Thank you to the countless childcare providers around the state for the essential and necessary work they do.
Joint Committee on Finance Approves Additional Funding for Public Schools The Joint Committee on Finance approved a Department of Public Instruction (DPI) plan to allocate nearly $175 million to K-12 public and private schools to improve virtual education and mental health offerings during the public health emergency. The funding is part of the federal CARES Act.
State Supreme Court Ruling on Emergency Order 28 A week ago, we asked the governor to begin negotiating with us on a plan for reopening. He politely declined and said we should wait for the court decision. Now that the decision has been rendered, we are confident Wisconsin is up to the task of fighting the virus and entering a new phase.