Assembly GOP Calls on Gov. Evers to Help Unemployed The Assembly GOP is calling on the governor to use a portion of the federal funds at his disposal from the CARES Act and make direct payments or bridge-loans to individuals whose cases have been stuck in adjudication at the Department of Workforce Development.
Rep. Nancy VanderMeer: Happy June Dairy Month National Dairy Month started out as National Milk Month in 1937 as a way to promote drinking milk. It was initially created to stabilize the dairy but has now developed into an annual tradition that celebrates the contributions the dairy industry has made to to the world.
Letter to Gov. Evers to Immediately Resume Recreational Safety Courses Legislative Republicans sent a a letter to Governor Evers asking him to immediately have the DNR resume in-person recreational safety courses. These courses should be allowed to happen safely so more Wisconsinites can follow the governor's own advice to go outside and exercise their rights.
Statement from Speaker Robin Vos on Governor’s Secret Recording of Meeting We have learned that the governor’s office secretly recorded a meeting with legislative leaders last month. At a time when state leaders should continue to find ways to work together, this decision by Governor Evers and his staff is unprecedented and clearly outside the norm. It's shameful.
Working to Fix Unemployment Insurance​ The continued slow response of the administration to address the backlog of unemployment insurance claims is disappointing. We have been flooded with heartbreaking calls from individuals waiting weeks or months just to get a response from DWD. We will continue to advocate for you and seek answers.