Speaker’s Task Force on Adoption Envisions Solutions Many solid recommendations have been made by stakeholders throughout this process. I feel confident that this task force will be able to conclude in September with viable bipartisan legislation to improve the process for our vulnerable children as well as their parents and foster parents.
Assembly Republican Representatives call for Veto Override on Mental Health Care Initiatives The Governor says Wisconsin needs to accept federal Medicaid dollars, putting more people on welfare, but isn’t willing to spend the money the legislature invested to care for the mental health needs of people already on it. They are asking colleagues to consider a veto override this fall.
Republican Investments Result in Increased Affordability and Access 2020 rates on Wisconsin’s individual health insurance market will be 3.2 percent lower compared to 2019 rates. I am happy to see that the action taken by Republicans in Wisconsin is again paying dividends.
Representative Ballweg Response to DATCP Farm Center It is not lost on me that the DATCP Secretary-designee has chosen to play a political game of keep-away with important information regarding the actual numbers of calls that come into the Farm Center and the demand for counseling vouchers, among other services provided.
Legislators champion for their constituents We take being a voice for our constituents seriously, especially when it comes to developing the state budget. As a member of the Joint Committee on Finance, my Assembly Republican colleagues not only spoke up on behalf of their constituents, they also spearheaded important aspects of the budget.