Rep. Tony Kurtz: Behind Every Veteran, a Story This Veterans Day, I’d like to thank all who have served for dedicating themselves to a purpose greater than themselves. I’d also like to let my civilian friends know how much those words of thanks mean to us.
Rep. Romaine Quinn: Democrats Reject Help for Rural Wisconsin This was not a tricky vote. There were no poison pills, no unrelated issues, and no complicated sets of priorities to balance. Just one priority: giving our area access to facilities that can help patients who are in a state of crisis.
Overwhelming Approval of Suicide Prevention Package A package of eight bills to help address the issue of suicide in Wisconsin is moving forward. The bills were developed from the recommendations of the bipartisan Speaker’s Task Force on Suicide Prevention that held public hearings around the state over the summer.
Rep. John Nygren: Opioid deaths down, but fight is far from over The HOPE Agenda is about more than opioids and heroin. It’s about addressing the mental health needs that lead to addiction. It’s acknowledging that addiction isn’t some moral failing meant to be shamed into oblivion, it’s a disease that should and must be treated like diabetes or heart disease.
Majority Leader Jim Steineke Calls for Release of Suicide Prevention Funds Weeks after Republican lawmakers approved funding to bolster our state’s suicide prevention efforts, the Evers’ administration has managed to drag its feet and put in serious jeopardy a program designed to literally save lives.