Statement on Governor's Political Special Session Call The special session call is nothing but political posturing. A few weeks ago, the governor supported the K-12 budget that Republicans put on his desk. We increased special education funding to the highest dollar levels ever and doubled investments in mental health. He had no choice but to accept it.
Statement from Legislative Leaders on Opioid Settlement Agreement Wisconsin could receive up to $400 million as part of a national settlement stemming from the opioid crisis. We're encouraged to see our bipartisan legislation facilitating the quick delivery of funds to the front lines of prevention & mitigation efforts.
Governor Waits 500 Days to Take Action to Help State’s Workforce Recover The governor finally connected the dots and acknowledged the workforce crisis in our state. Since his one-size-fits-all emergency order, employers have struggled for over a year to stay open and find workers. Now, 500 days later, he finally acknowledges the dire challenges small businesses face.
JFC Co-Chair Rep. Born Responds to Bipartisan Support of State Budget This is a good budget for the citizens of Wisconsin. Representatives and Senators on both sides of the aisle recognize this as we achieved the most votes in favor of a state budget in a generation. Governor Evers should recognize this as well and should sign this budget in whole.
Speaker Vos Disappointed with Governor Evers’ Veto of Bonus Unemployment Payment Governor Evers refuses to acknowledge the facts. People will not go back to work when the government continues to pay them to sit on the couch. This veto clearly shows how clueless he is as to what’s happening outside the mansion.