Capitol Medical Emergencies

In the event of a Medical Emergencies 911 should be called.  To dial out of a Capitol phone line a 9 or 8 must be dialed for the call to go through (9-911.)

The Wisconsin State Assembly, Senate and Capitol Police worked together to make seven Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) available throughout the Capitol to be used when needed in the case of a medical emergency.  Six are located in the fireboxes (near the stairwells) in the West (Northside) and South (Eastside) Wings on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Floors. Along with the fire extinguisher a small first aid kit accompanies these AEDs.  One additional AED is located behind the tour desk on the Ground Floor along with a more extensive first aid kit.

AED Locations:

Ground Floor (behind Information Desk)

2nd West (North stairwell)          2nd South (East stairwell)

3rd West (North stairwell)             3rd South (East stairwell)

4th West (North stairwell)             4th South (East stairwell)

This is what the Capitol Fireboxes look like:

   firebox.png  firebox3.png firebox2.png