Ceremonial Reservations

Make a Reservation

  1. Determine If the Date you Desire is Available: Click Here to view our online room scheduling system. Use the monthly calendar in the left-hand frame to navigate to the day you wish to check. Click on the date that you wish to reserve. If the date is not a clickable link, this means that there are no events scheduled for that date. 
  2. Download and Complete the Application: The Wedding Permit Application and Facility Use Permit Application is stored in the common PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view and to print it.
  1. Return the Appropriate Permit Application to Us: If mailing your form, send it to the address at the top of the form. *Include your $750 deposit check made out to the Assembly Chief Clerk (not the Assembly Sergeant) and Application Fee (when applicable).  Please mail your deposit check to the address appearing at the top of the form. To ensure your reservation, please pre-date your deposit check to within a month of the actual event date. Be sure your check is appropriately dated (cashable) or your room will not be reserved. 
  2. Receive a Letter from Us Confirming Your Reservation: After your application has been approved by the Assembly Sergeant at Arms, you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail from us. This may take a few weeks due to regular work obligations of the office.
  3. Contact Our Office at 608-267-9808, or Send an E-mail, with Special Requests: The Sergeant's office will let you know if we can accommodate your requests. Advance notice is important to ensuring your requests are fulfilled to your satisfaction.
  4. Show Up for Your Event: A member of our staff will be present to open the facility for you, to make sure lights are on, and to assist you. He or she will remain for the duration of your event, and will lock the facility after you leave.  
  5. Pay Your Event Charge: We will send you a letter after your event, noting the amount owed (when applicable) and providing instructions for payment.
  • Weddings: The Application Fee will cover the cost for the time frame selected; however should the event not conclude within the designated time additional charges could apply.
  • Other Events:  You will be charged per hour (three hour minimum) if using the Assembly Chamber or Parlor. If using an Assembly hearing room the charge is half the Chamber / Parlor hourly fee (three hour minimum). This charge will be billed out after your event has ended.
  •  All Events:  We will make you aware after the event of any damages to the facility or cleanup costs that will result in any additional charges. We will not cash your deposit check before notifying you of any additional charges or giving you an opportunity either to dispute them or to pay them.
  1. Receive Your Deposit Back: You will receive your deposit shortly after you have paid the usage charge and any other charges that may be due, as outlined earlier. We will send you back the check you sent us and then close out your application with a positive recommendation. This will allow you to return more easily the next time we have an opportunity to host one of your events.
  2. Questions? Please feel free to contact Pat McKee at (608) 267-9808


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