August 24, 2021

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Rep. Adam Neylon (608) 266-5120

UW System Disregards Legislative Oversight

Pewaukee — Today State Rep. Adam Neylon issued the following statement in response to UW System President Thompson’s statement that they do not need to go through the administrative rule-making process for COVID:

“I respect UW System President Tommy Thompson a great deal. In many ways he’s been my political role model and I consider him a friend. But we disagree on this issue. I understand he has a responsibility and I hope he understands we do too. JCRAR has a responsibility to make sure that state agencies are following the law when issuing emergency orders. We have oversight responsibilities and must protect the rule of law.

“The administrative rule-making process exists for a reason. Rules and their penalties have the same impact as law. They should be clear, straightforward and subject to oversight by a body of elected representatives. This process exists to promote fairness, transparency and accountability.

“I’m disappointed by UW System President Thompson’s statements today regarding the UW System’s decision to disregard JCRAR’s motion requiring the system to promulgate its COVID policies as emergency rules. The UW’s policies, which the University intends to enforce and which meet the statutory definition of rules, must go through the emergency rule-making process. Instead, the UW intends for these rules to be issued at will by unelected chancellors.

“I will be speaking with my legislative colleagues in the coming days to determine how we will move forward.”