July 31, 2020

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Rep. Adam Neylon (608) 266-5120

Rep. Neylon Calls For Special Session To End Mask Mandate, Evers Exceeds Authority

Pewaukee – Today Rep. Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee) issued the following statement in response to Governor Evers issuing a statewide mask mandate:

“I want to start by acknowledging there are times when wearing a mask makes sense for certain people. Some studies have shown masks may reduce the spread of coronavirus. But currently, local governments, businesses and organizations already have the ability to require masks. That’s a good thing. These types of decisions are best made at the local level and among members of our communities, schools, businesses, churches and families. A one-size-fits all policy is not the right approach. It also infringes upon our Liberty as citizens. This type of Executive Order to extend an Emergency Order that has expired is a dangerous abuse of power. For a number of good reasons, there are limits to a Wisconsin Governor’s authority, and Governor Evers is overstepping his. There should be a limit to all government power.

“While I believe this extension to be unconstitutional, it’s no secret why the Governor picked August 1st for his order to begin. A conservative judge is being replaced by a liberal judge and he believes his order has a better chance of holding up in court. Regardless of this calculation, we must not wait to find out. The people of Wisconsin deserve to have their freedom and liberty protected at all costs. We must stop this dangerous power grab. If we don’t, I fear what this Governor will do next.

“I call on legislative leadership to schedule a Special Session to take up a Resolution to end Governor Evers outrageous statewide mask mandate.”