May 11, 2021

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Rep. Adam Neylon (608) 266-5120

Neylon Election Integrity Bills Approved in Assembly

Pewaukee — Today State Representative Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee) issued the following statement in response to Assembly Bill 172 and 173 passing the State Assembly:

“I’m happy both of my election reform bills, AB 172 and AB 173, were approved today by the State Assembly. I can’t imagine anything more important right now than working to restore integrity and trust in Wisconsin elections. What happened in Green Bay in 2020 should scare everyone. The City Clerk resigned in protest and filed a complaint with City Hall alleging she was not allowed to do her job.
“The City of Green Bay, used political staff, who were not Wisconsin residents, and funded by money from outside of Wisconsin, to administer their election. How can this happen? No matter what your political leaning, we should all agree more must be done to restore voters’ faith in our election process.

“Assembly Bill 172 requires a level of transparency and openness within the Wisconsin Elections Commission necessary to help shine more light on the process of elections.

“Assembly Bill 173 prohibits local governments from applying for or receiving private funds for the purpose of administering Wisconsin elections. If unsolicited funds are received by local governments, then that money must be sent back to the Wisconsin Elections Commission so they can distribute it equally on a per-capita basis throughout all of Wisconsin. It also prohibits paid political staff from serving as a poll worker.

“No matter the level of fraud you believe took place during the 2020 election, handing over the keys to outsiders that are being bankrolled by dark money is a surefire way to sow distrust into the integrity of our elections.”