The Good, The Bad, The Ugly The Governor's budget was a fiscal fantasyland. The budget proposed by the Joint Finance Committee and as amended on the floor fulfilled the Assembly's commitment to lead. #WIRight #WIBudget
Rep. Allen lauds passage of homelessness bills The series of bills mirrored the recommendations of the Interagency Council on Homelessness; integrated new approaches in combatting unique issues facing communities. #WIRight #Hope #WeCare
Religious Overtones in Flag Raising It is not the place of Government to raise a flag over government buildings that does not symbolize the unity of the people who are governed. #United #Diverse #Tolerance
Rep. Allen proposes 1% origination fee on conduit bonds With 98% of bonds being issued outside Wisconsin, this is a great way to fund the Wisconsin Technical College System at virtually no expense to Wisconsin taxpayers. #ServingYou #SavingYouMoney #WIBudget
Rep. Allen proposes way to curtail wasteful administrative costs With Wisconsin ranking 4th in education spending behind Luxembourg, Norway, and Austria, we can no longer afford to be sloppy with the distribution of taxpayer dollars on education. #SmarterInvestments #Accountability #Results #WIBudget
Rep. Allen submits budget amendment aimed at protecting consumers from shady loan program With problems in other states, forward-thinking proposal limits PACE loans to commercial properties or residential properties with five or more units; #ConsumerProtection #WIBudget
Rep. Allen budget motion limits general transportation aid to spending on road construction and maintenance Current law permits other costs to be included, such as vehicle costs, building expenditures, debt service payments, and policing; aid payments to local governments about $460 million. #SustainableSolutions #NotYourGrandfathersGovernment #WIBudget
General transportation aid reform proposal repositions Wisconsin to better control spending Current general transportation aid formula has not been modified in decades, leading to sloppy distribution of road dollars. #SustainableSolutions #NotYourGrandfathersGovernment #WIBudget