Rep. Allen Announces Third Coffee with Scott More comfortable, personal conversations with constituents; focus on their concerns.
Rep. Allen critical of cell tower bill; no setbacks on small towers up to 50 feet Single-family home owners should not be fearful that their neighbor will put up a backyard cell tower and damage property values.
Budget Transparency Act circulating for cosponsorship Simple, good-government bill empowers legislators on both sides of the aisle as well as taxpayers to consider policy impacts.
Statewide property tax should be eliminated, says Rep. Allen Supports provisions contained within Gov. Walker’s proposed budget
Upcoming Listening Sessions Genesee Town Hall, small business in downtown Waukesha will host two venues.
Bipartisan bills supported by Rep. Allen Contrary to popular opinion, Republicans and Democrats can get along.
Rep. Allen Calls for Better Cell Tower Regulation AB 130, introduced by Rep. Allen, would allow local government to restrict cell tower placement a certain distance from property lines.
New Paradigm for Transportation Spending Proposed Proposes block grants as a way to create competition and cooperation for transportation dollars.