Rep. Allen Appointed Vice-Chair of Property Tax Assessment Study Committee Committee to recommend legislation to revise and clarify property tax assessment practices. #BrightStores #DarkStores #Solutions
Fight Fear with Facts on 287(g) program All Americans, regardless of ethnicity or ancestral origin, deserve to feel safe in their community. #Families #Friends #Neighbors
At-Grade Rail Crossing on West Waukesha Bypass gets Green Light Good news as Wisconsin taxpayers save estimated $7 million. #ServingYou #SavingYouMoney #Waukesha
Statement on Speaker Ryan's Retirement Heartfelt sentiment from Rep. Allen. #Patriot #Leadership #PaulRyan
Assembly to approve anti-crime measures Adds Two Assistant District Attorneys to Waukesha Co.; requires DOC to recommend probation revocation for criminals who commit new crimes. #SafeCommunities #SwiftJustice
Rep. Allen announces speakers for informational hearing Presentations will revolve around "Ethics in Government: Balancing Transparency and Privacy" #GoodGovernment #Sunshine
Rep. Allen votes to help offset Obamacare disaster Assembly approves several bills designed to lower health care costs for consumers, promote better patient outcomes #WeCare #WorkingforWisconsin #CommonSense
Assembly passes Southeastern Wisconsin Fox River Commission Funding The Fox River Commission’s efforts have directly led to improved property values, increased tourism, and higher quality of life for the people in Waukesha County