Rep. Allen introduces budget motion requiring agencies to report fees No one keeping an eye on 16,100-plus references to fees in state statutes and administrative regulations. #Represent #CommonSense #WIBudget
Rep. Allen's Statement on Gov. Evers Budget Address Echoing same old Democrat talking points from last eight years, calls for increasing taxes, balloon spending; governor claims to want bipartisan efforts, but facts don't support suppositions.
Assembly Approves Middle-Class Tax Cut $300 million in tax cuts on single-income earners making less than $100,000 and on families making under $150,000.
Mixed Messages in State of the State Address Governor expects bipartisan support for spending and tax hikes; Rep. Allen seeks bipartisan ground on early childhood education and summer school grant programs.
Rep. Allen Appointed Chairman of New Committee on Community Development Representative Allen Welcomes New Challenge as Chairman of the Community Development Committee
Rep. Allen releases Wisconsin Public Schools Religious Liberties Act Observing "See You At the Pole," Rep. Allen starts with legislation to give clear guidance to students, staff on free exercise of faith in public schools. #FreeSafeStrong #FreeExercise #FaithHopeLove
Rep. Allen returns from trade trip to Taiwan Itinerary included daily meetings with agencies and government officials. #WorkingForWisconsin #NotYourGrandfathersGovernment #WorldwideNeighbors
Rep. Allen Statement on Cooper Power Systems Dislocated Worker Program available to assist Wisconsin workers and their families going through this. #WeCare #Solutions #WorkingForWisconsin #Neighbors