Per Pupil Revenue Limit Budget Motion State Representative Scott Allen (R - Waukesha) sent a budget motion to the Joint Finance Committee that would raise the per pupil revenue limit by $300 in each year of the biennium for school districts with a below average revenue limit.
AB 245 Fails Our Counties Shared revenue is a broken formula, and the bill (AB 245) that passed does not address this fundamental inequality for counties. A bill of this magnitude needed more work, and so I voted no.
Rep Allen Releases "Protect Childhood Innocence" Bills Today, Rep Allen released two bills that protect childhood innocence in schools by addressing the issue of obscene materials.
Rep. Allen Releases WEC Complaint Bill The bill would allow for an elector’s adult child or parent to file a written sworn complaint with the Wisconsin Election Commission, even if they live in a different jurisdiction or district. This bill would also then provide standing in a civil suit.
Rep Allen Releases Bill Modernizing Property Tax Assessment Notice In our digital world, there is no reason why an assessor cannot also send an email to a property owner to notify them of a change in their assessed property value.
Rep Allen Releases Budget Motion Addressing Guardianship Payments Rep Allen sent a budget motion to the Joint Finance Committee that would provide a tax deduction on guardianship payments received by the state.
Rep. Allen Responds to Supt Underly Today, Rep Scott Allen, Rep Adam Neylon, Sen Chris Kapenga, and Sen Hutton sent a letter to DPI Superintendent Jill Underly in response to her letter to the superintendent and school board of Waukesha.
Rep. Allen Releases School Safety Bill Today, Rep. Allen released a bill addressing school safety by giving school districts the option of choosing to enact a concealed carry policy for school staff.