Assembly advances the People’s priorities Holocaust and genocide education passes Assembly, along with oversight of more than $2.2 billion in federal funding.
Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds rule of law Unlawful Emergency Orders now struck down, it's time for the governor to work with the Legislature in meeting the challenges Wisconsin continues to face.
Assembly approves vaccination, religious freedom measures We can stay safe and make choices without discarding the First Amendment.
Assembly passes transparency measures for pharmacy benefits managers The bill prohibits PBMs from penalizing insurers or pharmacists for disclosing lower-cost alternatives.
Senate committee hears bill inspired by Kai Lermer Lermer passed away several days after collapsing due to an undiagnosed heart condition.
Finding ways to agree on the budget If we talk with each other rather than past each other we might find the areas of agreement. Let’s see if that can happen
Rep. Allen celebrates independent thinkers during Black History Month These individuals are courageous, strong, independent thinkers who enrich the national discourse by refusing to accept mainstream dogmas about what defines Black thought.
Joint Legislative Audit Committee Approves Audit of Elections Administration Rep. Allen urged the Committee to approve the audit, which is expected to conclude in the Fall of 2021.