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West Waukesha Bypass Construction Update: Winter is coming, and the latest from the DOT is below...


West Waukesha Bypass Update

West Waukesha Bypass crews have been working to complete as much of the road work as possible prior to the end of the year. While the goal was to complete all work by late fall 2019, an especially challenging September set the timeline back and there are a number of items that will need to be completed in spring 2020. All portions of the project will reopen to at least one lane in each direction by Friday, December 20, with many areas opening fully. A summary of the winter configuration is as follows (see attached maps): 


Northbound Les Paul Parkway: Two lanes from the southern limit of the project to Merrill Hills Court. One northbound lane, on the southbound side, from Madison Street to Fiddlers Creek. Two lanes north through Summit Avenue/HWY 18. 

Southbound Les Paul Parkway: Two lanes north of Summit Avenue/HWY 18. One lane southbound from Summit Avenue to Madison Street. Two lanes through the south limit of the project. 

STH 59/Genesee Road & Saylesville Road/County X Intersection (see map below): Temporary signals will be in place. All crossovers will be removed and traffic will be in their final configuration, but barrels will be in place down center lines until Spring 2020 when final work is completed. 


Approximately 85% of the project has been completed, to date. Below is a summary of the work that will need to be completed in 2020. 

  • Permanent signals at STH 59/X
  • Sidewalk at south end along STH 59
  • Shoulder work on Saylesville Rd
  • Multi-use path
  • Path connections to Glacial Drumlin Trail
  • Paving path along Glacial Drumlin Trail
  • Lighting box at culvert for Glacial Drumlin Trail
  • Finish paving at old Merrill Hills and MacArthur
  • Retaining wall on east side, north of Madison Street
  • Northbound pavement from Merrill Hills Court to north limits. 
  • East side of intersection, permanent signals and lighting at Madison Street
  • Sidewalks and curb ramps
  • Final grading and restoration  

Click here to see the press release.