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To Mask, or Not to Mask, that is not the Question

Some see the mask as a symbol of safety and precaution. Some see the mask as a symbol of oppression. Both are correct.

Many scientists and medical professionals believe that the widespread wearing of masks helps us fight the spread of the coronavirus. In certain circumstances where distancing is not possible masks provide an added level of protection against the spread of the virus. And we know that the effectiveness of mask-wearing increases if all parties involved in a close interaction are wearing a mask.

When we take those facts and extrapolate them to the extreme and insist that all people should wear masks all the time in all circumstances, then we approach oppression. When we impose a mandate statewide to require mask-wearing in every indoor situation, we usurp an important component of a strong society - personal responsibility. More problematic is when emergency powers conveyed to the governor through the statutes are abused by the governor to impose his will upon the people.

The Governor’s original emergency declaration, Executive Order #72 expired on May 11, 2020. Statutes require that if the Governor believes that a state of emergency should be extended beyond the original 60-day period, he or she must seek approval of the legislature. Gov. Evers has since issued Executive Orders #82, #90, #95, and now #104.

By continuing his Executive Orders ad infinitum, Gov. Evers has blurred the line between his role and the legislature’s role. When the Governor takes emergency measures beyond the 60 days provided in statutes he does so without the expressed will of the People of the State of Wisconsin through its elected legislature.

On Thursday, the Assembly approved Senate Joint Resolution 3 (SJR3) which terminates the illegally-issued Executive Order #104.

Also on Thursday, the majority of Assembly members also sent a letter to the governor suggesting, as we did last spring, that the governor propose administrative rules regarding masking requirements. Working with the legislature through the rule-making process we together can find a reasonable solution to the question of masking to help keep people safe. The rule-making process allows for deliberation and public input. Those are critical ingredients in a democratic republic, and they help to prevent oppression.

In closing it is important for us to recognize that 1) we are still in the midst of a pandemic, and 2) the elimination of a state mandate does not mean that private property owners and businesses, as well as local units of government, may not have their own mask requirements.

We must continue to be respectful of one another.


Thank you to all the constituents who responded to and provided commentary on our recent survey! Out of 357 respondents, 228 selected to stay with the winner-take-all method, and 129 desired to see a change in how Wisconsin's electors are allocated. 

Thank you for participating.  Rep. Allen has decided to not be a co-author on the bill.

COVID-19 Vaccine


The COVID-19 vaccination distribution plan has been in development by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS), an agency of the Evers Administration, since the summer of 2020. DHS, in cooperation with local public health officials and primary care providers, is the primary entity responsible for the administration of the much-desired vaccine.

Vaccines in Waukesha County are being distributed to certain individuals.  Waukesha County residents aged 65+ who are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine will most likely receive it via their primary care physician and local pharmacies.  You can learn more by following this link to Waukesha's COVID-19 vaccine page.  Meanwhile, we encourage you to continue to follow CDC guidelines with washing hands, social distancing, and wearing a mask when close contact is unavoidable.

That being said, the Assembly has been and is continuing to provide support for DHS to do its important work. The Assembly and Senate have been in continuous discussion on the next COVID-19 relief bill, which allocates $100 million in funding for the fight against COVID-19 at the direct request of Governor Evers. AB 1 and its amendments would also allow pharmacy students and dentists to provide vaccinations, thereby expanding the number of providers who can administer the COVID-19 vaccine. Also at the request of Governor Evers, the bill permits temporary licenses to be granted to local facilities to ensure the distribution of vaccines from as many providers as possible. 

We look forward to continuing to provide support for DHS during this critical time. We invite you to view this dashboard from their website that explores the current distribution status in Wisconsin. 

COVID-19 Testing in Waukesha County

COVID testing sites


464 Contacts

In the last month, constituents have contacted the office 464 times on a variety of subjects.  The vast majority of input has been about COVID-19, vaccinations, and repealing the unlawful extension of the emergency declaration by the governor.  Many constituents continue to advocate for further election integrity and transparency reforms.  Several have reached out to the office for continued assistance with the Department of Workforce Development and unemployment insurance.

Serving you is an honor.  Please do not hesitate to contact the office with your questions or concerns about state government.

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